Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fighting in the streets

Tonight there was a fight at the bar. Or rather near the bar. I'm standing there hanging out and see a scuffle start in the middle of the nearest cross street. Two guys were brawling pretty hard core and there was a crowd of people trying to pull them apart. One of they guys in a white t-shirt and red shorts was having none of it. If his original opponent wasn't close enough he just swung on whoever was closest. He didn't make many friends that night.

I called the cops, who got there too late to catch any of the action. The did however catch the guy with no friends. I think the line "look for the guy in the white t-shirt that is covered in blood" helped.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bar Log, supplemental

This is a simple blog to track the night to night nonsense that goes on in the bar where I work.

The early "line of the night" for tonight was:

Girl: I'm looking for my friends... Have you seen a blond, about yeah tall.
Me: Yeah, three or four of them.
Girl: I just need one.
Me: Yeah, me too, I guess.